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Why can't I add data to my site?
Why can't I add data to my site?

You've created a site on the Hub but can't add any data... let's figure out why.

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When users create a site on the Clean Water Hub but are unable to add data, this means one of two things:

  1. The site is not associated with an organization (In order to add data to a site, the site must be associated with an organization), or

  2. The site does not have values for latitude and longitude.

Find solutions for each of these situations below (click to expand)

Add an organization

Organizations have different protocols enabled (eg. SOS Biological, VASOS Rocky Bottom) which allow user in those organizations to report different types of data. If no organization is associated with a site, no protocols will be enabled.

Follow these steps to associate your site with an organization:

  1. Join an organization.

    1. If you are already a member of an organization, you can skip this step!

      To find your organization/monitoring group, click "Explore Data" > "All Sites" at the top of the screen and search for it under the "Organizations" tab.

      Click on your organization, and you'll be taken to the organization's page. To join, just hit the blue "Join Organization" button!

      Depending on your organization, you may need to be approved by a manager before your account is linked to the organization. You will see a "pending" notice until you have been approved by the manager. If you don't need approval, you can start adding data right away!

      Can't find your organization? Fill out this form and we'll create it for you.

      Freelancer Monitor

      Monitoring on your own? You don't need to join and organization to submit data. If your account isn't linked to an organization, you will be automatically listed as a "Freelancer Organization." Being a Freelancer means you are monitoring on your own, following one of the protocols listed in the Hub. If the protocol you are using is not listed in the Hub yet, contact support. We are working to add more protocols from across the country to the Hub.

  2. Associate your site with an organization

    1. Navigate to your site's page and click the pencil icon next to the name. This will allow you to edit your site.

      On the edit page, scroll down until you see the "Organizations" section. Begin to type in your organization's name and select it from the list.

      Click "Save Changes."

Now you should be able to add data to your site!

Add latitude and longitude

  1. Log in to the Clean Water Hub

  2. Navigate to the site you'd like to edit.

  3. Once on your site's page, click the pencil icon next to the name of the site. This will open the site's profile page.

  4. Scroll down until you see the latitude and longitude fields.

  5. Update the location for your site by either A) typing in new latitude and longitude coordinates, or B) moving the blue dot to a new location on the map. Here are some helpful resources:

  6. When you have finished making edits to your site's information, double check that all fields are correct before clicking "Save Changes"

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