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How do I move my pin on the map when creating a site?
How do I move my pin on the map when creating a site?

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When creating or editing a site on the Hub, it is easy to adjust the location of your monitoring site. This can be done by typing in updated latitude & longitude or by manually moving the pin on the map.

To begin, log into the Clean Water Hub and navigate to your site's page. Click the pencil icon next to your site's name to edit it.

To manually move your pin, first click on the blue circle/pin on the map.

A plus sign should pop up in place of your cursor and your blue map pin will turn orange:

From there, you can drag the orange dot to a new location. When you are finished, let go of your mouse and the dot will turn blue and lock into place. The latitude and longitude associated with the pin will also change once it is moved.

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