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Clean Water Hub Basic Users Guide
Using the Hub: Organization Member
Using the Hub: Organization Member

How can organizational members use the Clean Water Hub?

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Welcome to the Clean Water Hub! As a user of the Hub, you have the option to join an organization or collect data as a freelancer. Read on to find out how organizations work and what you can do with your data.

Join an Organization

If you are monitoring with an organized group, you can find and join the organization. Once you've joined, the data you collect and post will be linked to that organization, and visible on the organization map and site list.

To find your organization/monitoring group, click "Maps" > "Community Map" at the top of the screen and search for it under Organizations.

Click on your organization, and you'll be taken to the organization's page. Here you can see all of the sites monitored by that organization as well as information about that group. To join the organization, just hit the blue "Join Organization" button!

Depending on your organization, you may need to be approved by a manager before your account is linked to the organization. You will see a "pending" notice until you have been approved by the manager. If you don't need approval, you can start adding data right away!

Can't find your organization? Fill out this form and we'll create it for you!

Freelancer Monitor

Monitoring on your own? You don't need to join and organization to submit data. If your account isn't linked to an organization, you will be automatically listed as a "Freelancer Organization." Being a Freelancer means you are monitoring on your own, following one of the protocols listed in the Hub. If the protocol you are using is not listed in the Hub yet, contact support! We are working to add more protocols from across the country to the Hub.

To find out how to create a site and enter data, check out the article Adding Your Stream Site to the Clean Water Hub.

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