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How to edit a reading
How to edit a reading

Need to update/change a water quality reading? You can do that!

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Sometimes we need to go back in and edit or add extra information to a reading we've already created on the Hub. Follow these instructions to edit a reading - the same instructions apply for Save Our Streams, Nitrate Watch, Salt Watch, or any other type of reading on the Clean Water Hub.

How to edit a reading:

  1. Log in to the Clean Water Hub

  2. Navigate to the page of the site with the reading you'd like to edit

    1. Click 'My Sites' at the top of the page

    2. Scroll down and find the site in the list of 'My Sites' or type its name in the search bar.

  3. Once on your site's page, scroll down to view all of the data readings reported at that site.

  4. Click 'edit' next to the reading you'd like to update.

  5. Make any changes/updates/additions to the reading.

  6. Double check that all fields are correct before clicking "Save Changes"

What readings can I edit?

  • Clean Water Hub users (including Organization Managers) can only edit readings that they have submitted.

    • If you would like to inquire about editing a reading submitted by another user, please contact the user who submitted the reading or reach out to for assistance.

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