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Using the Hub as an Organization Manager
Using the Hub as an Organization Manager

How can Organizational Managers use the Clean Water Hub?

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Welcome to the Clean Water Hub! As an Organizational Manager, you have a wide range of privileges that allow you to manage your users, customize your organization page, and more. Read on to find out more!

If your organization doesn't have a page yet on the Hub, let us know by filling out this form. Individual users cannot create organization pages.

Find Your Organization's Page

To get started, find your organization by clicking "Explore Data" > "All Sites" at the top of the screen and searching for it under the "Organizations" tab. Make sure you are logged in to your Hub account!

Select your organization, and you'll be taken to your organization page. Click on the pencil icon beside the organization name to be take to the Organization Profile page.

There are many ways to customize your organization page. Explore below for a breakdown of each section of the Profile Page.

Organization Status
Here you can choose whether to make your organization visible to the public, edit the name, website, and general information. Note: if your organization is not public, both the page and data will not be visible to any users (including organization members).

If the monitoring protocols your monitors use (e.g. SOS Chemical, SOS Biological, Nitrate Watch, Salt Watch) are not already associated with your organization, you can add them by searching for the protocol under "Add Protocols." If you do not see your monitoring protocol, contact Hub support.

Auto Approve Users
Toggle this button to either allow any user to join your organization, or require that users need to be approved by you or another organization manager. Pending users will be visible at the bottom of the page under Members and Managers.

Embed Code
This html code allows you to embed your organization's site map directly into a webpage. Simply copy this code and insert it into the desired webpage. This code is automatically generated - do not try to edit or alter it.

Download Access
Control who can download your organization's data. You can allow anyone in the public, members only, or managers only to download your data. Data is downloaded in a .xlsx file.

Logo and Background Image
Upload your organization's logo and a background image to customize the look of your organization page.

Add the physical or mailing address of your organization.

Program Information
Enter a description of your organization and monitoring program.

Protocol Information
Enter a description of the monitoring protocol used by your monitors.

Invite Users to Organization
Directly invite Hub users to join your organization. Select whether the user will be invited as a member or manager. Invited users will receive an email notification.

Members and Managers
View a list of all of the users in your organization, including managers and members. Here you can approve pending members, revoke privileges, or remove a user from the organization.

Add Sub Organizations
If you manage an umbrella organization that has member organizations, you can add them as Sub Organizations. For example, a local Izaak Walton League chapter can be a Sub Organization of the National Izaak Walton League. Search for your Sub Organization and invite them to join. If you don't see the Sub Organization listed, they may not have an Organization page on the Hub. Contact the group and Hub support to get the setup process started.

Sub Organizations
View a list of all Sub Organizations associated with your account. You can remove a Sub Organization, but Sub Organizations must approve their association with you as a Parent Organization (Parent Organizations do not approve associations).

Approve Parent Organizations
If your organization is a member of a larger organization (e.g. you are a local chapter of the National Izaak Walton League), you can see and approve association requests here.

Use these customization features to fit the Hub to the needs of your organization. Once you're done, you'll be ready to start collecting and sharing your monitors' data!

If you have any questions, contact support:

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