How do I see all my sites?
How to find and view monitored sites.
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If you monitor multiple sites, you probably want to see them all in one place. You're in luck - the Hub is already doing this for you!

Viewing Your Sites

If you've submitted multiple sites to the Hub, you can find all of them under the "My Sites" tab at the top of your screen.

On the "My Sites" page, you'll be able to view your sites both on a map and as individual site tiles below. If your sites are clustered close together, you may need to zoom in on the map to see them more clearly. Just click the + button on the right of the map to zoom in!

The "My Sites" page will also display your most recently modified sites as tiles below the map. Clicking on one of these tiles will bring you directly to the data page for the site. The most recently modified sites are displayed first - you can scroll through the pages or search your sites to find the specific site you're looking for.

Are you an Organization Admin?

If you are the admin for an organization, you can also view all of the sites monitored on behalf of your group. To view your organization's sites, go the the "My Sites" tab and select "My Organizations."

Click on your organization, and you'll be taken to your organization's home page. Here you can see a map of all the monitored sites (just like the map you can see under "My Sites") and the most recently modified sites. Note that on the organization page, only the six most recently modified sites are displayed. All sites are visible on the map - just zoom in to find them!

What if I still can't find my site?

If you still can't find one or more of your sites, try searching for it under the "Community" tab. It may be that the site wasn't correctly assigned to you or your organization, the site's GPS coordinates are incorrect, or the site wasn't properly entered.

If you still can't find the site, ask for help! A staff person will get back to you soon.

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