What is Virginia Save Our Streams?

Where the data comes from and where it goes!

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Are you a Virginia Save Our Streams (VA SOS) monitor? Curious about this data? Read on to find out more!

Who collects this data?

VA SOS data is collected by certified volunteers monitors across Virginia. Volunteers follow a state-specific protocol developed by researchers at Virginia Tech and submit data to the VA SOS database for quality assurance. This data is shared with both the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative.

How is this data used?

VA SOS data is used by Virginia DEQ to target sites for follow-up monitoring, track restoration progress, and educate landowners and the public. Partner organizations and volunteers also use this data for public outreach events, school programs, local advocacy, and more!

I'm a VA SOS monitor. Where do I submit my data?

Do not submit your data directly to the Hub. All VA SOS data must be submitted to the VA SOS database so it can be quality assured by staff. Click here to reach the VA SOS database.

How can I get involved?

Live in Virginia? Want to help defend and protect clean water? Become a VA SOS volunteer! Find out more about the program and how to get involved at www.vasos.org.

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