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Create an account on the Clean Water Hub
Create an account on the Clean Water Hub
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To get started with entering water quality data, you need to create an account! First, visit and click on "sign up" in the top right corner of the main page.

This will bring you to a sign in page, which asks for more information about you:

Next, fill in the information! Don't worry, your email will not be visible on your profile unless you choose to do so later. Make sure to use a real email address, so if you ever forget your password you can recover your account.

For 'Organization Name,' begin typing the organization your monitoring group associates with. This could be an Izaak Walton League Chapter, Nature Center, Watershed group, etc. 

If you start typing and your organization isn't in our system, click "submit it to Izaak Walton League" and fill out a form requesting that your organization be added. Still have questions? Let us know how we can help! If you do not associate with an organization, that's okay! You will be placed in the "Freelance Monitors" group.

Click "Create Account" and you're ready to enter data!

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